Digital Immersion

We have established digital immersion classes with Chromebooks for our students in Years 4, 5 and 6 and blended learning classes with iPads in Years 2 and 3.

This involves implementing a new way of teaching and learning, focussing on Learn, Create, Share and Google Workspace. 

You can take a look at what our learners are up to on their class sites and blogs

We have noticed huge gains in collaboration, engagement and attendance. Students can continue their learning at home after school, during weekends and holidays because they have access to all of their learning.  

We are also excited to be part of Ako Hiko. Ako Hiko is a cluster of eight schools in Mt Roskill set up to accelerate student achievement through equitable digital learning access. 

Ako Hiko follows the model of, and is supported by, the Manaiakalani Education Trust in Pt England.

Through the Ako Hiko Education Trust families purchase the Chromebooks that the students use in class. They pay a small deposit, then make weekly payments to the Trust. Once all of the payments are made (over a 1 - 3 year period) the device is owned by the family and our students can take their Chromebook on to use for their learning at intermediate and high school. With NCEA exams going online it is very important we give our students the skills they need to reach their potential in a modern world.

The big advantage of the Ako Hiko scheme over Bring Your Own Device schemes at other schools is that families don't have to pay for the device all at once, and insurance and technical support are part of the package.