Our Staff

Meet the awesome team behind Hay Park School.  Alongside our classroom teachers, we have specialist support staff for reading recovery and learning needs ESOL students, a small team of fantastic office administrators to support our staff and students, and our Caretaker. Everyone is selected for their dedication, extensive experience, and heartfelt commitment to prioritising the well-being and development of our students. Get to know the individuals who make Hay Park School a place where every child's potential is valued and supported. 

Sheree Campbell

Sheree is the Principal of Hay Park School. She is passionate about educating children to be the best they can be. She is very proud to be Principal at Hay Park School and part of such a great learning community with wonderful students, staff and parents.

Aniva Alano
Associate Principal & SENCO

Aniva is the Associate Principal. She is passionate about supporting children's learning to achieve their potential at school. Aniva is the SENCO, the Special Educational Needs Coordinator and oversees the junior school.

Mary Jacob - Milburn Class Teacher & Junior Team Leader

Mary teaches in Room 1 (Milburn Class) and is responsible for the new entrants and Year 1 students. Mary is passionate about ensuring a smooth transition for our new students to school. Leading the junior team and Literacy is part of her current role.

Neelam Patel - Webber Class Teacher & Senior Team Leader

Neelam is teaching Years 4, 5, and 6 in Webber Class and is the Senior Team Leader. Neelam is passionate about using ICT and Google Apps for Education to enhance teaching and learning programmes. She enjoys creating engaging activities for children and loves sharing her passion for creative arts through dance. 

Shimal Patel - Cottier Class Teacher

Shimal teaches in Room 2 and is responsible for years 2 and 3. She comes from a background in Early Childhood and she enjoys teaching the kids to reach their full potential, wanting them to thrive in the school environment after preschool.  

Aisha Alam - Wheeler Class Teacher

Aisha is teaching Years 2 and 3 in Wheeler Class this year. She enjoys taking the time to get to know her students and using this knowledge to enhance the classroom learning. 

Bree Mackenzie-Simpson - Buchanan Class Teacher 

Welcome to Room 8, where Bree is dedicated to helping Year 4, 5 & 6 students thrive. With a focus on self-management and building confidence, Bree is committed to empowering children to become confident, strong achievers. Bree believes in fostering a love for learning and growth in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Kelly Albert - Pohatu Class Teacher

Kelly is teaching Year 4, 5, and 6 students in Pohatu Class this year. He enjoys getting to know what his learners are passionate about and using their interests to make learning fun and engaging. Kelly is also passionate about using a wide range of digital teaching and learning tools.

Steve Brodie - Caretaker

Mr Brodie is responsible for making sure our grounds and buildings are clean, tidy and safe. He also does road patrol in the mornings with our Year 6 students. 

Randal Morris - Release Teacher

Introducing Randal, an integral member of the Hay Park School team, who generously shares his wealth of experience and wisdom as a release teacher. Despite his notable career path, which includes many leadership roles at schools across Auckland and the South Island, Randal remains humble about his expertise. His sincere dedication to nurturing young minds makes him a beloved role model and mentor within our school community. We feel truly fortunate to have Randal's guidance and support enhancing the educational journey of our students. 

Morag Bleckmann - Release Teacher

Morag is a valuable asset to the team at Hay Park School, offering much-needed support to our classroom teachers. With her extensive teaching experience, she creates a positive and nurturing learning environment for students. Join us in welcoming Morag and benefiting from her expertise in the classroom.

Michelle Hover - Release Teacher

Michelle is working part time at Hay Park School providing release to our classroom teachers.

Chloe Guthrie - HOD Art and Reading Recovery Teacher

Chloe works one on one with our students to help improve their reading. Chloe likes to push her students to their full potential and break down any barriers to learning. She is also the HOD of the Arts Learning area. 

Ruth Pirihi - Cooking and Reading Recovery Teacher

Ruth is responsible for supporting students with their reading. She loves to share her passion for cooking with us all. 

Learning Assistant - Vai Falefa - Learning Assistant

Vai is responsible for supporting students with their learning. She has a wealth of teaching experience and this works well in the classroom with the children. She works within the classes and withdraws students for Rainbow Reading and extra support with literacy and maths. She likes to encourage children to grow and learn to the best of their ability.

Learning Assistant - Taua Talaileva 

Taua is responsible for supporting students with their learning. She works in classes and provides extra support with literacy and maths.

Learning Assistant - Veronica Prescott

Veronica is responsible for supporting students with their learning. She works in classes and withdraws students for Rainbow Reading and extra support with literacy and maths. 

Learning Assistant/ Librarian - Christina Kalati

Christina is responsible for supporting students with their learning. She works in classes and provides extra support with literacy and maths. Christina is our librarian too. 

Administration Officer - Cherie Lovatt

Cherie works in our office and is responsible for the school's accounts, Chromebook contracts. Cherie is a dedicated and experienced accounts administrator with a strong background in retail, accounts, sales, marketing, and management. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as she works tirelessly in the office, providing vital support to staff and teachers at the school. Cherie is the main point of contact for accounts, chromebook contracts, and IT, ensuring that all financial and technological aspects of the school run smoothly and efficiently. With her strong work ethic and attention to detail, Cherie is a valuable asset to the team, always striving to provide the best possible service to her colleagues and clients.

Attendance Officer, and Sports Coordinator - Alanna Mafi

Alanna is our Attendance officer and she helps to support attendance among students and reduce absence levels by liaising with students and families as required. She is also our Sport Coordinator and she assists teachers in the administration and liaises with outside agencies to achieve strategic goals to increase co-curricular participation and sports. 

Office Administrator - Carmina Jacobson

Carmina works Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in our school office.  She is responsible for the day-to-day running of the office, Chromebook contracts. She plays a pivotal role in providing support to the staff and teachers at the school, ensuring that all administrative tasks are executed efficiently and effectively. With her attention to detail and exceptional organisational skills, she is a valuable asset to the team. Carmina is dedicated to maintaining a smooth and productive work environment for all staff members, and her commitment to excellence is evident in all aspects of her work.

Periti Visinia
Office Administrator and Enrolment Officer

You'll find Periti in our school office Mondays, Tuesday and Fridays. She is responsible for the day-to-dfay running of the office, Chromebook contracts and supports our staff and students.  She is also your first point of call for school enrolment and admissions.