Hello and welcome to Hay Park School

At Hay Park School, our children are successful learners with the ability to take action to shape their future. 

To contact the school, please call: 09 625 9531

Blogs @ Hay Park School

At Hay Park School we like to share what we have been learning about on our Blogs.
Y4/5/6     Henderson Class Blog
Y4/5/6     Hansen Class Blog
Y4/5/6     Pohatu Class Blog
Y2/3         Adams Class Blog
Y2/3         Bishop Class Blog
Y0/1         Miller Class Blog 

Blog of the Month - 

Pohatu Class
Check out Pohatu Class's blog here. 

Ako Hiko - Chromebooks

Our Year 4, 5 and 6 students complete all of their learning on their Chromebooks, as part of the Ako Hiko programme.  You can take a look at what our Henderson, Hansen and Pohatu learners are up to on their class sites and student blogs. 


Hay Park School News

The Hay Park Way

Our Hay Park Way encourages and celebrates all members of the school who show they are positive learners.  
Hay Park learners are:
  • respectful
  • responsible
  • resilient
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School Community Calendar

National Standards

We are very proud of our National Standards achievement results. Since 2012 our National Standards results have been higher than the national average! We are waiting for the nationwide results for 2015 to be released later in the year.

Find out about our great results here. 

Our ERO Report

We are very proud to have received our second Five Year Review from ERO. This means that our school is in the top 12% of schools and ERO will review our school in 5 years time, rather than the standard 3 Year review cycle.

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