Our Staff

Sheree Campbell
 - Principal

Sheree Campbell is the Principal of Hay Park School. She is passionate about educating children to be the best they can be. 

Amanda Galloway Deputy Principal & SENCo 

Mrs Galloway is currently on leave.

Mary Jacob - Hammond Class Teacher 

Mary is the new entrants teacher. Teaching the junior school for the last 10 years has been an especially enjoyable experience for her. She is passionate about literacy and loves to give an exciting start to our young readers. Mary is also responsible for Literacy and Reading Recovery.

Fabienne Gillies - Mortimer Class Teacher

Whaea Fabienne teaches Mortimer class. She loves seeing juniors discover the joy of reading. She also teaches reading recovery, a programme that help children become great readers and writers. She coordinates the Peer Mediators, a group of Year 6 students who help children enjoy their lunch times by following the Hay Park Way.

Sandy Rai - Morris Class Teacher

Sandy is teaching Year 3 at Hay Park School this year. She is also the lead teacher for Maths and loves to see students rising to new mathematical challenges. Sandy enjoys the Arts especially music and she leads whole school singing with Whaea Ena.