Hay Park Way

Our HPW programme encourages and celebrates all members of the school who 
show positive behaviour towards others.  

This is shown by being a positive learner, demonstrating THE HAY PARK WAY:
  • to be respectful
  • to be responsible
  • to be resilient
Our learners show the Hay Park Way by:
  • Being respectful by caring for our environment, caring for ourselves and others, following instructions, appreciating differences, using kind words and a friendly voice.
  • Being responsible by being aware of others around us, following instructions, using equipment correctly, staying within boundaries and reporting problems to an adult.
  • Being resilient by asking questions and seeking clarification, asking for help, being prepared and organised for learning, giving our best effort, staying focussed, completing tasks and using logic.

When students show the Hay Park Way at school they will get a green ticket. Students collect these tickets to reach one of the special rewards.


When students reach 60 tickets they receive a Hay Park School bracelet and an opportunity to select a prize from the 60 point prize menu. When they reach 100 tickets students are rewarded with a prize from the 100 point prize menu. At 150 tickets students can select a prize from the 150 point prize menu, have their photo in the office foyer and are a special HPW ambassador for our school.