Board of Trustees

 Chairperson  Ruth Conder
 Principal  Sheree Campbell
 Staff Trustee  Dianne MacDonald
 Parent Trustees  Lisa Edmonds
   Kay Pua
   Maria Talosaga
  Zsolt Talaber
   Ngano Tupou
 Michael Smith
 Cherie Lovatt

 2019 Board Of Trustees Meetings

Term 1    Week 4        Thursday 28th February
                 Week 9        Thursday 22nd March

Term 2    Week 3        Thursday 24th May
                 Week 8        Thursday 21st June

Term 3    Week 5        Thursday 23rd August
                 Week 10      Thursday 27th September

Term 4    Week 4        Thursday 8th November
                 Week 8        Thursday 6th December

Meetings are held in the administration block at 5pm. All welcome.