ERO Report

In 2014 we were very proud to have received our second five year Review from ERO.  This means that our school is in the top 12% of schools and ERO will review our school in 2018, rather than the standard three year review cycle. 

Here are some highlights from our 2014 report:
  • "High quality teaching where learners are actively engaged and successful in their learning is evident in the school."
  • "The school provides a caring and inclusive culture for all students, from Years 1 to 6."
  • "Students are confident, friendly and respectful. They benefit from a settled and positive school tone. "
  • "Students learn in highly attractive, well resourced learning environments. Special features of the school’s setting include the Pacific fale, artwork displays and the attractive and well maintained gardens and grounds."
  • "Teachers have high expectations for students. They provide students with specific and constructive comments about how well they are achieving and next steps for learning."

  • "Students are keen to learn and are able to work independently and collaboratively."

  • "Learning programmes across the school are meaningfully connected with values concerning environmental sustainability, respectful relationships, and striving for personal best."
Please click here to read our 2014 ERO report.